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Actistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews

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Actistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews

Relief in 2 Weeks!

Clinically Proven for Improved Absorption. All 4 Forms of Bioavailable Glucosamine & Chondroitin. Results Guaranteed!

Actistatin® Dog Soft Chews are the perfect joint therapy for dogs in your care. This dual-patented formula provides more joint saving active ingredients than any other soft chew on the market with a full 2700mg per chew. Actistatin® soft chews are an excellent choice for cartilage and soft tissue repair while fighting free radicals and inflammation. The 120-count jar is the most economical and easy choice for large breeds and long-term therapeutic care.

For more than 20 years veterinarians have been relying on oral joint supplements to aid their patients. Now a groundbreaking study shows Actistatin significantly improves joint supplement absorption. This revolutionary patent-pending additive is now available in the most powerful canine soft chew you can buy.


Actistatin Canine soft chews provide your dog with the absolute best in comprehensive oral joint care. Actistatin soft chews help nourish cartilage, soft tissue, and bone, fight free radicals and inflammation all in a safe, effective, convenient delicious chewable!

Actistatin is the first truly comprehensive dual patented joint formula that addresses the complexities of canine joint problems due to aging and injury. This complete approach to oral joint supplementation provides ingredients specifically designed to help improve the integrity of cartilage and soft tissue, fight free radicals and inflammation and improve supplement delivery all in one easy to use soft-chew.


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Benefits of Actistatin
Joint & Bone
The patented GLC formula provides your dog with the most effective oral joint supplement available today. GLC is clinically proven and contains an exclusive combination of all four Glucosamines plus Chondroitin, Ascorbate, and Manganese that deliver the highest levels of active ingredients to the bloodstream, helping to repair cartilage and bone.
MSM, Type II Collagen and CMO provide highly bioavailable natural ingredients that help fight inflammation. The three work well together in facilitating nutrient transfer in ligaments and tendons while reducing natural inflammatory responses.
Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract provide a powerful antioxidant blend of bio-flavonoids, Vitamin E, linoleic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidins that help improve blood flow, protect against circulatory inflammation and neutralize free radicals.
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body use fats for energy. L-Carnitine also promotes protein uptake, healthy enzyme activity, cardiovascular health, exercise recovery, and healthy lipid concentrations
EFA Complex
Actistatin brings together Omega 3-5-6 for all the benefits of plant and marine-based fatty acids. These rich sources of EFA and DHA from Flax, Soy, CMO and Marine Lipid Extracts have been shown to help reduce inflammation and improve cardiac, brain, renal and joint functions.
Actistatin's patented formula of NADG, Chlorella, Licorice Extracts, and Potassium Citrate work with your dog's natural digestive processes to improve supplement delivery. We also include the enzyme Bromelain for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving actions on joints, muscle and connective tissues
GLC formula 1505mg
Actistatin® 55mg
CMO 100mg
MSM 100mg
Type-II Collagen 40mg
L-Carnitine 10mg
Bromelain 10mg
Resveratrol 5mg
Grape seed extract 5mg
Flaxseed oil (DHA, ALA, EPA Omega 3-6) 400mg
Soybean Oil (LA Omega 3-6) 400mg
Marine Lipid concentrate (Omega-3-6-9) 80mg

Small Dog
5 - 10lb            1 chew a day
11 - 20lb          2 chews a day
21 - 30lb          3 chews a day

Large Dog
31 - 50 lbs        1 chew a day
51 - 100 lbs      2 chews a day
+ 101 lbs          3 chews a day