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Alenza Aging Support Soft Chews for Dogs - 90 Chews

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Product Description


Alenza Aging Support for Dogs

by Bayer Animal Health

Alenza Soft Chews help promote joint health and aid with everyday mobility - but the product provides more than just joint support. Alenza supports multiple systems throughout the body, including a healthy inflammatory response in dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds for a Whole Body Comfort experience.

Alenza Soft Chews contain quality ingredients - no wheat, corn, gluten, or artificial flavors or colors - in an easy-to-administer, platable soft chew for ongoing, long-term daily use.

UPC: 724089114242


Directions for Use

Can be given during or after meal time.

Weight Daily Amount
Under 15 lb. 1/2 Chew Every Other Day
16-30 lb. 1/2 Chew Daily
31-60 lb. 1 Chew Daily
61-100 lb. 2 Chews Daily
101-125 lb. 3 Chews Daily
Over 126 lb. 4 Chews Daily