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Chew Guard Spray for Dogs and Cats - 4 Ounce

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Product Description


Chew Guard Spray for Dogs and Cats

by Summit Hill

Chew Guard Spray is a highly concentrated exclusive formula for preventing chewing in dogs and cats. These naturally working ingredients are safe and non-toxic. Chew Guard and will not blister or burn skin, and will not stain skin or objects.

Mode of Action:
Chew Guard's ingredients are solubilized and evenly dispersed throughout the formula. Upon contact rapid drying occurs, leaving a tacky and concentrated residue which has a repulsive taste to dogs and cats. Chew Guard will not lose its effectiveness unless rubbed off, washed off or covered with dust, litter, etc. If this occurs, reapply Chew Guard so that a fresh coating is always on the object to be protected.

As a Preventative
Bandages and casts:
Use Chew Guard after applying bandages or casts or at first sign of chewing. Spray casts at 6" distance with a light coating. Make sure the cast margins are adequately coated.
Acral Lick Dermatitis:
Bandage and spray with Chew Guard as a retardant against the return of incessant licking and likely removal of sutures.
Wounds and Sutured Areas:
Spray directly on the area to be protected. The antiseptic formula helps prevent infection while it guards against chewing of injured area by the animal.
Other Uses:
Chew Guard may also be used as a preventative aid when dogs and cats show signs of chewing furniture, blankets or other immediate objects.


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