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Cobalequin Cobalamin Supplement for Dogs & Cats

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Product Description


Cobalequin Cobalamin Supplement for Dogs & Cats

With 5-MTHF

Cobalequin, now plus folate, contains an oral cobalamin form that is bioavailable and has been shown in studies to increase serum cobalamin concentrations in dogs and cats.

  • Chicken-flavored, making administration easy
  • Allows pet to recover in the comfort of their own home

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Directions for Use

Small Dogs & Cats less than 22 lb. - 1 Chewable Tablet Daily (Small Dog & Cat Formulation)
Medium & Large Dogs 22-100 lb. - 1 Chewable Tablet Daily (Medium & Large Dog Formulation
Large Dogs Over 100 lb. - 2 Chewable Tablets Daily (Medium & Large Dog Formulation)

Consult your veterinarian for recommended duration of use.

More Information

Store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.
Keep lid tightly secured to ensure freshness.
For use in animals only. Keep out of reach of children.