EMT Gel for Small and Large Animals (1oz)

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EMT Gel for Small & Large Animals

Collagen provides the matrix for new cell growth. It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and reduces the potential of scarring. 

EMT™ Gel is an essential part of any first aid kit. EMT™ Gel is easy to handle and conforms to any wound site. EMT™ Gel reduces bleeding, reduces pain as well as soothing and deodorizing the wound. EMT™ Gel can be used on both large and small animals. EMT™ Gel is safe, non-toxic and non-sensitizing. 

EMT™ Gel is an all-natural gel containing only a natural medical hydrolysate Type I collagen as its active ingredient. It interacts with the wound site maintaining a moist environment that encourages wound healing. EMT™ Gel is indicated for the management of chronic and acute wounds, traumatic wounds, superficial wounds, burns, skin lesions, other general dermatologic conditions. 

EMT™ Gel can be used for the safe management of wounds caused by

  • scratches from other animals
  • barbed wire cuts
  • gunshot wounds (hunting accidents)
  • clipping nicks
  • farm machinery accidents
  • heat injuries
  • dry pad cracks
  • surgical incisions and more

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