Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb

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Electronic Flea Comb

by Eyenimal

A chemical-free solution to kill fleas, remove odors, and leave your pet's coat shiny!

Fighting off an invasion of fleas on your pet is a battle.

The traditional treatments are generally effective but messy for pets and sometimes harmful to the environment.
EYENIMAL has invented your best solution: the Electronic Flea Comb.
This electronic anti-flea comb is an effective alternative to medical treatments, chemical sprays, and chemical collars.

Perfect for cats or dogs and designed especially to fight fleas, this comb is completely painless and harmless to your pet.
Easy and quick to use, the teeth of the comb generate an electrostatic current, which when in contact with parasites, kills them instantly. Negative ions and active oxygen eliminates foul odors on your pet's coat and leaves it shiny.
Because there is no active ingredient used, you can re-use the Electronic Flea Comb as often as necessary.
Battery operated (2 AA LR06 batteries, not included).

  • For cats and dogs
  • Kills fleas without chemicals
  • Uses electrostatic current - kills fleas, but is harmless for your pet
  • Dimensions: Comb - 4.13" x 4.3" / Metal Teeth - .5"
  • Takes 2 AA LR06 batteries (not included, but available separately)

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