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Groomer's Edge Ultimate All-Natural Pet Shampoo Gallon

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Groomer's Edge Ultimate Shampoo

by Double K Industries

ULTIMATE® is the perfect shampoo for the widest range of coat types. ULTIMATE® achieves “best in show” results on the finest animals with excellent luminizing and volumizing effects. This exceptional shampoo also deeply cleans very dirty and smelly animals and removes stains with gentle thoroughness. The emollient and humectant rich formula is great for everyday use. Conditions coat, softens skin and leaves coat luminous and manageable. Great for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses, cattle and other companion animals. Extreme concentration of 50 to 1 creates the ULTIMATE® value.

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Prepare shampoo solution by mixing 1 part ULTIMATE in up to 50 parts water (2.5 oz. concentrate in up to 1 gallon water). Shampoo may be used undiluted, however, dilution is recommended for optimal shampoo distribution and economy. Wet animal with warm water. Apply shampoo solution liberally for a rich lather and work deeply into the coat, avoiding the eyes. Rinse completely. Repeat if necessary.