Lafeber's Hey!Berries Fun Foraging Treats for Small Herbivores - 4 oz

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Lafeber's Hey!Berries Treats for Herbivores

When is hay more than hay? When it's Hey!Berries!

Open the bag and the fragrant scent confirms the wholesome ingredients: mango, papaya, and timothy hay. You can see the natural ingredients, and your pet can taste the flavors and enjoy the textures. Rabbits and guinea pigs thrive on a high-fiber diet of hay, and innovative Hey!Berries add variety to this as a healthy treat containing 22% fiber. But the goodness doesn't stop with nutrition. Hand-feed Hey!Berries to your rabbit or guinea pig to increase the bond between you, use them for training treats or create a foraging opportunity by hiding a few for your pet to seek out. Your pet wants a tasty treat, and you want to give your pet a treat that promotes physical and mental health. Hey!Berries give you the best of both worlds.

Fun shape, taste, and textures

Hey!Berries are an exciting treat. Your rabbit or guinea pig will enjoy the crunch of the hay pellets and biting into real pieces of mango and papaya. The round shape of the whole Hey!Berries and the various shapes of the delicious fruits provide a playful yet important part of healthy foraging.

No artificial flavors or colors

What you see is what you get. When you see an orange bit of fruit in Hey!Berries, it's real papaya. The yellow mango is the real deal - not something artificially flavored or colored and made to look or smell like real fruit.

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