Pawz Away Spray Deterrent

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Product Description


Pawz Away Spray Deterrent

by PetSafe

Keeps pets from off-limit areas

PetSafe Pawz Away® Spray Deterrent monitors for movement up to 3 feet away.  When your pet is detected, the unit sends a quick, safe spray that startles your pet.  Your pet quickly learns to avoid areas that are off-limits.
Effective for both dogs and cats of all sizes, PetSafe Pawz Away® Spray Deterrent is a safe, humane stimulus to deter pets from jumping on countertops, digging in trash, or entering restricted areas.

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Product Features
  • Unscented Spray is safe and effective
  • Range adjustable to 36 inches
  • 80-100 sprays per refill
  • Small & versatile design
  • Effective for cats and dogs of all sizes

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