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PeneTrex Caps 38mm - Package of 3

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PeneTrex Caps

If you are tired of making a mess and wasting oral liquids, replace your original screw-on caps with Penetrex Caps. The patented Seal-Tex membrane allows liquid to be withdrawn from a container using either a regular Luer tip syringe or a needle without unscrewing the cap. When the syringe or needle is removed, the Seal-Tex membrane completely re seals itself and is good for multiple penetrations. Available in 2 handy sizes.

28mm cap will fit wormers such as Pyran 50 8oz, 16oz & 32oz also fits Dyne and GrassSaver liquid.

38mm cap will fit Gallons and Panacur or Safeguard 1000ml bottles 


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