PetSafe Clik-R Duo Multi-Dog Training Tool

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Clik-R Duo Multi-Dog Training Tool

by PetSafe

Ever wanted to clicker train two pets at the same time? The Clik-R Duo is the perfect training tool for multiple pets. The green button is a traditional click, and the yellow button is a triple-chime sound, for a more versatile training tool. You can use this clicker to assign a different sound to each pet, so you can train two pets at once. You can also use this to train one pet, with one sound as a cue for a specific command such as Come and the other as a marker that means a reward is coming.

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Dual sounds, click and chime, for a variety of training uses

Less percussive chime sound for nervous or sensitive pets

Uses one 3-volt lithium coin cell battery (included)

More Information

Clicker training is a clear way to train your pet using a click and a reward to tell your pet he’s done something you like. The click sound tells your pet a fun thing is coming – a small, tasty treat or toy as a reward. It doesn’t take long for pets to understand how to play this game, and once they learn, they’re usually eager for more.

Professional dog trainers love the Clik-R Duo for teaching people how to train their dogs, using one sound to mark the dog’s behavior and the other sound for when the handler gets it right.

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