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Aspen FlexWrap E-Z Tear Bandage 2" x 5 Yards - Assorted Colors

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Aspen FlexWrap E-Z Tear Bandages

Our furry friends have quite the personality, and each one is unique. Sometimes, this causes them to get hurt or cut. Fortunately for us animal owners, lovers, and enthusiasts, there is a way for us to protect these cuts and abrasions from getting any dirt and debris. Aspen FlexWrap E-Z Tear Bandages are easy to use, strong and durable, and sticky enough to last. Coming in 6 different colors, you're sure to love how these bandages look, feel, and last!


  • Easy-Find Beginning
  • Soft Feel
  • Strong and Durable
  • Sticks Great
  • 6 Different Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, and Tan
  • Easy to Cut or Tear
  1. Prepare the area to be wrapped. Use cotton if needed.
  2. Find the beginning of the wrap and pull off several inches.
  3. Stretch lightly while wrapping. Do not apply too tightly!
  4. Cut or tear wrap when enough is applied and gently smooth the loose end into the previously wrapped area. For high action applications, a tape may be added.

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