Capsule vs. Chewable Tablets

Posted by Ken Bengson on Jul 13th 2016

Capsules versus Chewable Tablets: Which one is better for your pet?

Chewable Tablets:

Most dogs will readily accept them.
Flavored - usually artificial Beef and/or Cheese.
Can be fed it as a treat.

Some dogs do not like the taste and will refuse them.
Some dogs will spit or drool the tablet out.
Tablets often break and crumble in their containers and you can end up with a bunch of broken tablets and crumbles in the bottom of the bottle.
There can be carriers and binders in the tablets that your dog may not digest or may be allergic to.
There is always a chance that more than one person will give the “treats” and your pet may end up over dosed or under dosed.
Medical Doctors and Government Agencies strongly recommend against giving children sweet or candy flavored medicine because if you leave them where the children can find them they can overdose on them - same goes for your pet.


More accurate dosing than tablets. Dogs will not spit or drool them out and you will not end up with them in the water bowl
Capsules are odorless and tasteless
Easy to administer: Just open the capsule and sprinkle on their food.
Since your dog eats his food your pet will always accept their medications.
Because capsules contain no binders, no carriers and no artificial flavors there is almost no chance of an allergic reaction to the medication.
Once a day administration with your dog’s food, which minimizes the chance of over or under dosing.

None that I can think of.


Capsules are the safest, easiest and most accurate way to administer medicine to your pet.