How to Install PetSafe Pet Door

Posted by Brandon Cuna on Jul 14th 2016

What’s in the Box

Box Contents

Included with each pet door:

  • Installation guide
  • Cutting template
  • Door frame with flap(s)
  • Closing panel
  • Other necessary parts (bolts, screws, washers, nuts, etc.)

(Note: Some doors will come with additional parts, such as weather stripping, adhesive, etc.)

Installing Your Pet Door

4 easy steps

Pet doors install in minutes and give you years of independance and convenience. Installing a pet door is easy with a little do-it-yourself knowledge.

  1. Trace the pet door outline using the template
  2. Remove the door from its hinges
  3. Cut the hole in the door
  4. Install the pet door frame and flap

Tools you might need: Hammer, Jigsaw, Drill, Drill bits, Wire cutters, Screwdriver, Tape measure, Tape, Pencil, Level, Scissors

Interior & Exterior Installation Options

Before purchasing a pet door, you should consider where you will install it. Some pet doors are meant to be installed in walls or doors of a specific thickness. Many of our pet doors can be installed in a standard door or a wall. You might need to purchase an extension tunnel for installing in walls and doors thicker than 2 inches.

Measure the thickness of the wall or door you will install the pet door in and check the pet door’s recommendations to be sure they are compatible. If your wall/door is too thin, the pet door might stick out or it might not fit right. If the door/wall is too thick, you might be able to see the inner part of your door, the part you cut out to fit in the pet door. You can purchase a tunnel or inner stripping to hide this.