How to Spot a Fake

Posted by Brandon Cuna on Mar 9th 2021

Have you ever went looking for a good deal on something you purchase regularly? I think we’ve all been there. We want to save money if we can, especially on things that we have to purchase on a regular basis. We scour the internet for coupons or who has the best price right!? Well, what if that REALLY good deal we think we found really isn’t that great? We make the purchase because we think it can’t get better than this right? WRONG!

Shopping online has become a major part of everyone’s lives especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s easier, we don’t have to leave the comfort of our homes. Unfortunately, shopping online can come at a hefty price if we aren’t careful.

Scams have gone beyond sending you fake checks to sign or calling your mobile phone for information. We now have to be careful with the things we purchase online. We’ve all heard of knockoff products; we’ve seen them on the market for years. Things such as Luis Vuitton Handbags or even Nike tennis shoes. However, these knockoff products have now reached our pet supplies. We’ve been seeing knock off PetSafe products for years. If you don’t know what PetSafe is, they are the largest industry leading brand of electronic pet training products. We’ve recently been seeing an uptick in flea and tick products and even supplements. This is very scary! We trust the products that we buy because they are deemed safe by our government. Although the FDA and EPA do have regulations for the products that we sell here in the United States, there are still loopholes. Products made in other countries that are manufactured by those other than the real manufacturer are still able to make their way through on our marketplaces and other online shopping sites. Because this new trend is growing exponentially, we want to give you some tips on how to protect yourself and your pets.

Fake Vs. Genuine Seresto -

The biggest red flag is going to be seeing an extremely low price compared to what the product retails for. Compare the prices between reputable online sellers and this new store or seller you’ve come across. If the product retails for $59.98 and is selling for $20-$30, chances are the product is fake. Most companies have what’s called MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. This means that the authorized retailers for these products have to sell their products at a certain price. If you see multiple stores selling an item for the same price, then it’s most likely MAP by the manufacturer. Now don’t get this confused with discounts. It is entirely possible that a store got permission from the manufacturer to run a limited sale on said items, however, these discounts are generally small and are nowhere near a $20-$30 sale price on something that is priced at $59.98. 

The second big red flag is going to be packaging appearing to be slightly different. Companies’ do change packaging from time to time, but most times it’s a completely different design than what they previously had. If you notice similar packaging but details are slightly different, that’s a good indication it is a counterfeit product. Foreign units of measurement may also be seen on the packaging. If you see something measured in kg rather than ml, or oz then it is not manufactured for the United States under the FDA and EPA guidelines. 

When it comes to any topical flea and tick product, the EPA does not require an expiration date. If you find yourself looking at an online listing with an expiration date on it that is a big indicator that said product was not manufactured under US, EPA guidelines and is not from the real manufacturer of said product. 

Sometimes, it’s worth it to pay the extra money for the peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a legitimate product that won’t harm you or your pets. Ask questions. If you’re concerned about a listing, then ask the company or seller questions before making the purchase so you can ensure you are buying legitimate products.

When shopping with Countryside Pet Supply, rest assured. Everything we purchase comes directly from the manufacturer or an authorized veterinary distributor.