Understanding Your PetSafe Electronic Fence

Posted by Ken Bengson on Jul 13th 2016

How It Works

The transmitter signals to your pet's collar where his yard boundaries are

The transmitter sends radio signals to the receiver collar your pet wears. You'll teach your pet to listen for a warning tone or vibration as he nears the boundaries of the yard. If your pet continues, he will receive a safe but surprising static correction from the collar, reminding him to stay in the yard. Electronic fences can help you:

  • Keep your pet safe in your yard
  • Prevent digging under and jumping over
  • Give your pet whole yard or partial yard access
  • Works for all pets with additional collars

Peace of Mind for You, Freedom for Your Pet

5 easy reasons to love electronic fencing

  1. Keep Your Pets in Your Yard. No more worrying about escaping, digging, or jumping.
  2. Easy to Customize Boundaries the way you want with in-ground fences.
  3. Let All of Your Pets Enjoy the Whole Yard: 10-25 Acres. Add a compatible collar for each pet.
  4. Less $$$, Less Fuss. Thousands of dollars cheaper than a traditional fence.
  5. No Visible Changes to Your Yard. No ugly fence ruining the view.

4 Easy Steps to Install Your New Fence

  1. Plan your layout.
  2. Install the transmitter. Bury wires in your yard or set the wireless boundary.
  3. Fit the collar on your pet and find the right correction level.
  4. Train your pet in only 2 weeks.

Choosing the Best Fence for Your Pet

Top 4 things to consider when choosing a fence

  1. How big is your pet?
  2. How big is your yard?
  3. What other features do you need?
  4. How many collars will you need?

Easy Training in 2 Weeks

15 minutes a day

It's easy to train your pet to use a containment system, and it's a fun bonding experience too. With short 15-minute sessions, most pets can start enjoying their outdoor freedom in just 2 weeks.