CET Veggident Flex Tartar Control Chews for Dogs - Dental & Joint Support in 4 Sizes

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Product Description

CET VeggieDent Flex Chews for Dogs

by Virbac

Elevate your dog's dental and joint health with CET Veggident Flex Tartar Control Chews – the perfect blend of oral care and joint support in one delicious chew. Crafted for canines of all sizes, these chews are available in four convenient sizes: Extra Small (Up to 11 lb.), Small (11-22 lb.), Medium (22-60 lb.), and Large (Over 60 lb.).

Designed to combat plaque and tartar buildup, these veterinarian-recommended chews boast a powerful combination of dental benefits. The unique formula not only promotes fresh breath but also supports your dog's joint mobility for overall well-being. With CET Veggident Flex, you're not just tackling oral hygiene – you're enhancing your furry friend's joint health too.

Give your pup the joy of a tasty treat while ensuring a healthy smile and agile joints. Whether you have a petite pooch or a larger companion, there's a perfect size for every dog. Make CET Veggident Flex a part of your dog's daily routine for a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life.

Order now and witness the difference in your dog's dental and joint health – because a happy dog is a healthy dog. Choose CET Veggident Flex for a wag-worthy combination of oral care and joint support!