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Crananidin Urinary Tract Support (75 Chewable Tablets)

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Product Description


Crananidin Urinary Tract Supplement for Dogs

What is Crananidin®

  • Crananidin is a scientifically formulated cranberry extract product.
  • Crananidin is given to help support urinary tract health in dogs.
  • Crananidin’s cranberry extract contains compounds called “proanthocyanidins” or “PACs”

Why would my veterinarian recommend Crananidin® instead of other cranberry supplements?

Crananidin has been researched, and its PACs have been shown to limit the attachment of the bacteria. The same cannot be said for other cranberry supplements marketed for urinary tract health in dogs. These other supplements were found to contain some PACs, however, their PACs were not able to stop the bacteria from sticking.

Are there any side effects or drug interactions associated with Crananidin?

Administration of Crananidin is not associated with any known side effects in dogs.
There are also no known interactions between Crananidin and any drug or other nutritional supplements in dogs.

Administration of Crananidin Tablets

Dog's Weight Tablets/Day
Under 10 lbs
1/4 tablet
10-19 lbs
1/2 tablet
20-39 lbs
1 tablet
40-59 lbs
1 1/2 tablets
60-79 lbs
2 tablets
80-100 lbs
2 1/2 tablets

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