Enisyl-F Oral Paste L-Lysine HCI - 100 ml

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Enisyl-F Oral Paste - 100ml Pump

by Vetoquinol

Introducing Enisyl-F Oral Paste, your feline companion's ally for immune support and overall well-being! Specially crafted to meet the unique needs of cats, this innovative paste is formulated with L-lysine, an essential amino acid known to support a healthy immune system.

Enisyl-F comes in a convenient oral paste form, making it easy to administer and ensuring your cat receives the precise dosage each time. Whether your feline friend needs extra immune support during periods of stress or to maintain their overall health, Enisyl-F offers a hassle-free solution.

This veterinarian-recommended formula is palatable and well-tolerated by cats, making it a stress-free experience for both you and your pet. Simply apply the measured dose directly into your cat's mouth or mix it with their food for effortless consumption.

Give your cat the care they deserve with Enisyl-F Oral Paste – a reliable and effective way to support their immune health and keep them purring with vitality!

Symptoms of FHV-1
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Runny Eyes - Chronic Conjunctivitis
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sometimes there are ulcers in the mouth or on the tongue

L-lysine supplements lessen the clinical signs of infection and reduce viral shedding. Feline herpesvirus type-1 (FHV-1) is one of the most common causes of respiratory infections and eye problems in cats. In fact, up to 97% of cats have serological evidence of exposure to FHV-1.1. Following recovery from primary infection, up to 80% of cats become carriers. Even though carriers can remain asymptomatic for long periods of time, they continue to harbor the virus in nerve cells and can pass it on to uninfected cats, especially during times of stress. While FHV-1 is rarely fatal in adults, mortality rates can reach more than 30% in young kittens, who are often infected by their carrier mothers. 

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Adult cats: 1 to 2 mL twice a day
Kittens: 1 mL twice a day, or as recommended by your veterinarian.

Each pressure represents 1 mL of Enisyl-F paste. Enisyl-F is extremely tasty and is easily accepted by most cats.
It can be applied directly in the mouth, on the nose or on the paw where it can be licked off. Alternatively, you may add the product to your cat's food, if more convenient.


Purified water
L-Lysine HCI
cod liver oil
xanthan gum
tuna flavor
soya lecithin
silica aerogel
caramel color
potassium sorbate
sodium benzoate

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