Eyenimal In-Ground Containment System: Safe and Secure Outdoor Freedom for Cats and Small Dogs

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Product Description

Eyenimal Cat & Small Dog Containment Fence

Containment system with miniature collar - perfect for cats and small dogs!

Experience worry-free outdoor adventures for your feline friends and small canine companions with the Eyenimal In-Ground Containment System. This innovative pet containment solution provides a secure boundary, allowing your pets to explore and play in the yard while keeping them safe within defined limits. Easy to install and pet-friendly, the system offers peace of mind for pet owners who want to grant their furry family members the joy of the outdoors without compromising their safety. Trust Eyenimal for a reliable and effective solution that combines freedom and security for your beloved cats and small dogs.


  • Contain an unlimited number of dogs or cats
  • 4 stimulation levels
  • Warning Signal
  • Powered to support up to 1310 feet of wire
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Water resistant collar
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Rechargeable Collar
  • Collar weight: 0.81 ounce
  • Collar Dimensions: 1.73" x 0.98" x 1.10"

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