Eyenimal Miaow Control Ultrasonic Cat Trainer

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Miaow Control Ultrasonic Cat Trainer

Even if we love them, our cats exasperate us sometimes. Such as when they start meowing continuously throughout the day, or worse, in the middle of the night, waking the family. And that can last for hours! To the point of becoming a nightmare for their dear masters.

The object looks like a torch. But unlike a conventional lamp, it emits ultrasonic with a frequency especially studied to reduce cats meowing.

Furthermore, by triggering the ultrasound, light flashes. Result: the ultrasonic combined with light will act effectively on the cat's behavior. Initially surprised, he will stop meowing then, bothered by these unpleasant noises for him, he will usually have only one desire: escape. And stop doing it.

While initially, the torch stops the meowing immediately, as time passes, your cat will associate the torch with the unpleasant sound. When the cat sees the torch, he understands that he should not meow. Then, naturally, the desire of meowing disappears...

... For the greatest happiness and the greatest serenity of the whole family!

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