PetSafe 300-Yard Rechargeable Remote Spray Trainer - PDT00-16395

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PetSafe 300 Yard Remote Spray Trainer

The PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer is designed to help train your dog with the click of a button. So whether you’re training your dog to keep his paws to himself during an off-leash walk or working on simple commands around the house, you’ll always be in complete control.

The PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer is designed to help train your dog with a burst of spray. Whether you are taking an off-leash walk outdoors, or working on commands at home, this Remote Spray Trainer makes dog training easy. The collar has three training options – tone, vibration and spray stimulation—and a range up to 300 yards, making this collar perfect for small hikes and public outings with your pup. At the push of a button you can send a signal to your dog’s collar. The collar includes both a citronella and an unscented spray refill cartridge, so you can determine which one works best for your dog. The recyclable and replaceable cartridges are convenient to use with no mess, and the collar is rechargeable – no batteries required. Designed to fit dogs 8 lb. and up with necks up to 27 inches in circumference. The PetSafe Remote Trainer will help you create more “best moments” with your pet.

UPC: 729849163959


  • Light Spray – Remote Spray Trainers use a light citronella or unscented spray to kindly remind your dog when it’s time to be quiet.
  • Tone – This training option delivers a single-volume sound to train and can be used in combination with spray or vibration.
  • Vibration – This training option delivers a moderate vibration to train and can also be used in combination with spray or tone.
  • 300-Yard Range – A wide remote range gives you the flexibility to train in close quarters at home or while training at long distances.
  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • Train 2 dogs with extra collar
  • Weather-resistant
  • The collar and remote are rechargeable (USB charger included)
  • Average battery life is 40 hours
What's Included
  • Training Collar
  • Digital Remote
  • USB Charger
  • 1 Unscented Refill Cartridge
  • 1 Citronella Refill Cartridge
  • Product Manual

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