PetSafe SSSCat Refill Can - Purr-fect Cat Deterrent Spray for Training and Behavior Management

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Product Description

SSSCat Spray Deterrent Refill

by PetSafe

Ensure a harmonious home environment with the PetSafe SSSCat Refill Can, the ultimate cat deterrent spray designed for effective training and behavior management. This eco-friendly refill can is compatible with the PetSafe SSSCat Spray Deterrent system, a non-invasive solution to keep curious pets away from restricted areas and off-limits spaces. The PetSafe SSSCat Refill Can releases a safe burst of unscented air when triggered, teaching your furry friend to avoid certain areas effortlessly. Trust in PetSafe's renowned quality and innovation to maintain a stress-free and pet-friendly home. Elevate your training game and order the PetSafe SSSCat Refill Can today for a happier, healthier relationship with your beloved pet!