PetSafe Egg-Cersizer Kibble & Treat Dispensing Toy for Cats

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Egg-Cersizer Kibble & Treat Dispensing Toy for Cats

by PetSafe

Cats love to prowl, so tap into their natural instincts and give them the interactive enrichment they need.

The Egg-cersizer is a perfect way to give your cats treats or food. The innovative design allows for a variety of play levels - from easy to challenging - and is a fun, simple way to keep your kitty stimulated and active.

UPC: 729849137479


  • Cat treat toy helps your cat lose weight as she plays
  • Dispenses treats or dry food while your cat plays
  • Adjust the openings to increase or decrease challenge levels for your cat
  • Slow feeder solution for cats who eat too quickly
  • Fun wobbly movements make meals exciting
  • Perfect for cats who love puzzle challenges
  • Durable materials that stand up to years of play
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
More Information 

The Egg-Cersizer lets you adjust how easily the treats are dispensed. Start with an easy setting, allowing treats to come out quickly, so your cat associates the toy with a food reward. Once your cat gets the hang of it, you can increase the level of difficulty by making the openings smaller. It will take your cat longer to get the reward, thus encouraging longer play time. This appeals to your cat's prey drive; your cat will feel like she's catching and eating her prey every time she plays.

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