PetSafe PupZip Vehicle Zipline for Pets

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PetSafe PupZip Vehicle Zipline

We all love to take our pets with us on car rides. They are so excited to see the rest of the world around them, jumping from one seat to another, from one lap to another. This can cause risks with driving. Now, with the PetSafe PupZip Vehicle Zipline, your pet can go on any car ride, and you won't be distracted from the road.

The PupZIP™ Vehicle Zipline allows free-but-restricted movement for pets, thereby reducing driver distraction and improving safety. This unique design fits all pets and all vehicles, and can be used in the bench seat area or cargo area. Installs easily in seconds - simply attach the two hooks to vehicle attachment points, adjust the strap to the correct length, attach the leash to you pet and it’s ready to go!

UPC: 891293000712

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  • Unique design fits all vehicles and all size pets
  • Allows “free-but-restricted” movement
  • Improves safety by removing driver distraction
  • Easy to install/uninstall – no assembly required
  • Can be used in bench seat area or cargo area

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