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Proudsoff Proud Flesh Ointment 3oz. Wound Care for Horses

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Proudsoff Proud Flesh Ointment

by Creative Science, LLC

When a horse gets injured or cut, granulation tissue (pebbly or granular looking tissue) forms to help the wound in the healing process. This is part of the normal healing process. However, sometimes, granulation tissue can take on a mind of its own and continue to grow, protruding past the skin in excess. This excessive granulation tissue is known as Proud Flesh and can inhibit skin growth over the wound.

ProudOff Proud Flesh Ointment can help control and remove this proud flesh, aiding in the healing process and allowing skin cells to grow over the wound.

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For use on horses, cattle, sheep, and goats. Not intended for use in household pets.

Cover entire area affected by proud flesh with a thin coating of Proudoff once daily. Dead tissue and debris from previous use must be removed before each application. This can be done with cotton or soft gauze. Do not wash the lesion. Discontinue use when all proud flesh has been removed. Do not use on wounds that do not contain proud flesh.

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