VetOne Natural Psyllium Pellets 10lb - Apple & Molasses Flavor for Digestive Health

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Product Description

Natural Psyllium Pellets for Horses

by VetOne

Discover the power of natural digestive support with VetOne Natural Psyllium Pellets in a 10lb container, now available in an irresistible Apple & Molasses flavor. Specially formulated to promote healthy digestion in horses, these pellets are an essential addition to your equine care routine.

Each serving of VetOne Natural Psyllium Pellets is packed with high-quality psyllium fiber, a soluble fiber renowned for its ability to support digestive health by gently cleansing the intestinal tract and promoting regularity. The addition of delicious apple and molasses flavoring makes administration a breeze, ensuring your horse eagerly consumes this beneficial supplement.

Maintain optimal digestive function and support overall wellness for your horse with VetOne Natural Psyllium Pellets. Trust in the natural goodness of psyllium fiber, enhanced with the tempting taste of apple and molasses, to keep your equine companion feeling their best. Add VetOne Natural Psyllium Pellets to your horse's daily regimen and experience the difference in their digestive health today.