EmerAid Sustain HDN Life-Saving Nutritional Powder for Canines - 100 Grams

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EmerAid Sustain HDN Nutritional Supplement for Dogs

by: Lafeber

Highly Digestible Nutritional Supplement

EmerAid Sustain HDN (Highly Digestible Nutrition) is an optimal balance of rapidly absorbed nutrients, easy to digest ingredients, and nutritionally complete food that helps strengthen your cat's overall health and well-being.

EmerAid Sustain HDN can help:

  • Elderly Dogs
  • Dogs in Hospice
  • Improve Appetite
  • Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Regular veterinary consultations are always recommended, especially for dogs with possible signs of illness. Not recommended for chronic kidney disease or hepatic encephalopathy unless under direct veterinary management.

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5 Easy and Fun Ways to Administer Sustain HDN:

  • Feed in a bowl
  • As an HDN bite
  • In a syringe
  • Powder on regular food
  • Gravy on regular food

Feeding for HDN Bites, Bowl and Syringe

Dog Weight
Scoops of HDN
(AM Meal)
Scoops of HDN
(PM Meal)
Water Per Meal
Water Per Meal
(Bowl or Syringe)
7-10 3 3 1 1/2 2
11-15 4 4 2 2 1/2
16-20 5 5 2 1/2 3
21-25 6 6 3 3 1/2
26-30 7 7 3 1/2 4
31-35 8 8 4 4 1/2

HDN Bite Mixing Instructions:

  1. Mix Sustain HDN powder and water in a bowl.
  2. Stir together until it forms a consistent dough.
  3. Roll into small balls that your dog can easily eat.
  4. Feed immediately or refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to one day. Simply reheat the plastic bag in a warm water bath before feeding.

Gravy on top of food:

Mix Emeraid Sustain HDN with water to make a gravy to pour on top of your dog's regular food.

Powder on top of food:

Sprinkle Sustain HDN on top of your dog's regular food. If your cat prefers smaller feedings throughout the day, feed smaller amounts multiple times during the day. Total scoops fed per day should be the total of morning and evening scoops.