Enzadent Poultry Flavor Toothbrush Kit for Pets

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Enzadent Toothbrush Kit (Poultry Flavor)

Did you know that:
- More than 80% of dogs and cats have periodontal disease by the age of 2?
- In dogs and cats, two-thirds of each tooth is hidden under the gums, so your pet can have a dental disease without you realizing it?
- Bad breath in your dog or cat could be the first sign of a serious dental problem?

Taking care of your pet's teeth is, in many ways, the same as taking care of your own. Brushing food debris and plaque from the teeth and gumline can greatly reduce the chance of tartar build-up. While dry, crunchy foods, chew toys or treats, can help clean some of a pet's teeth, they do not effectively clean at or under the gumline, where the most serious problem of periodontal (gum) disease begins. It is gum disease, not cavities, which most compromises the oral health of pets. Toothbrushing is the most effective method of cleaning a pet's teeth at the gumline.

Sorbitol, glycerin, silica, calcium pyrophosphate, calcium carbonate, poultry extract, purified water, cellulose gum, sodium benzoate, calcium lactate, potassium thiocyanate, zinc gluconate, vitamin E, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin, lysozyme.

For pets new to brushing, using the Enzadent finger brush may be more readily-accepted method initially. This method will help your pet become familiar with your hands in and near their mouth area. Since the cleansing action of the bristle-styled, Enzadent dual-ended toothbrush will provide optimum cleaning results, it is ultimately what you will want to use. The finger brush offers an ideal "stepping stone" to this method.
Apply a small amount of Enzadent toothpaste onto the brush. Gently, pull the lip up exposing the teeth. In a circular motion, brush along the gumline. Brush only a few teeth the first time and increase the amount each time you brush as your pet becomes more familiar with the process.

Your veterinarian may give you specific instructions. Follow this professional advice closely. 

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