Groom-Aid Deodorizing & Detangling Spray for Pets

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Product Description


Groom-Aid Spray

Groom-Aid Spray makes combing and brushing out your pet easier. 

  • Non-greasy 
  • Absorbs quickly. 
  • Contains a lanolin derivative that adds luster and sheen to the coat while also helping to keep your pet tangle free.

Groom-Aid Spray is a deodorizing, detangling and moisturizing spray for damp, musty odors absorbed by dog's and cat's coats during kennel stays.

Dosage and Administration

To operate, remove the protective cap from the top of the can. Hold the can in an upright position, approximately 8-12 inches from the pet's hair. Point the opening on the side of the valve in the desired direction for spray.

To release the spray, place a finger on top of the valve and press down. Move the bomb over the entire animal, using a "zig-zag" motion, until the coat is slightly damp. It may be advantageous, especially for long-haired animals, to rub the hand against the lay of the hair, spraying into the ruffled hair directly behind the hand.

Active Ingredient(s):
The product contains isopropyl alcohol and mineral spirits, and an absorbable lanolin derivative in a scented deodorant. 

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