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LaundraPet Enzyme-Powered Pet Laundry Detergent 64 fl. oz.

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Product Description

LaundraPet Enzyme-Powered Pet Laundry Detergent

Introducing Our New Formula with Enzymes

  • 15% More Cleaning Power
  • Effective in Cold Water
  • Reduces Fabric Wear

LaundraPet is Alpha Tech Pet's premium, all-natural, pet-safe laundry detergent, designed to offer the best solution for washing your pet's items. Guaranteed to effectively tackle pet odors and stains, LaundraPet also excels as a general laundry soap for kennels, doggie daycares, veterinarians, and all animal care facilities.

Formulated by veterinarians, LaundraPet keeps professional clothing like scrubs, sports uniforms, and grooming apparel stain and odor-free, while being safe for pets and family members alike.

The Superior Cleaning Power of LaundraPet

More than just a pet detergent, LaundraPet boasts superior cleaning power compared to conventional laundry detergents. It effortlessly removes tough odors, stains, and heavy soils from all washable garments, leaving them soft and fresh-smelling.

The Science Behind LaundraPet – Pet Laundry Detergent

The scientifically advanced formula targets the root cause of pet stains and odors. With non-soap surfactants providing over 3x the cleaning power of regular detergents, LaundraPet is ideal for high-efficiency washers commonly used by veterinarians, pet resorts, kennels, groomers, and pet owners.

Biodegradable Surfactants: This new enzyme-enhanced formula is particularly effective in cold water, reducing the need for heated washes and significantly lowering energy consumption. This not only improves cleaning efficacy but also promotes sustainability by cutting down on the energy used per load by up to 90%.