W. F. Young

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Pet Ear Rinse 4 fl. oz.

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Product Description

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Rinse for Pets

by W.F. Young

Silver Honey® Rapid Ear Care is a revolutionary solution for all types of ear care needs. Silver Honey Vet Strength Ear Rinse is used to treat ear issues including yeast and fungus, while reducing foul odor. It helps treat otitis externa conditions as well as scabbing and crusting associated with cleaning ears.

  • For dogs and cats
  • Rapidly helps to soothe irritation and inflammation
  • Antibiotics-free, no sting, and non-toxic
  • Helps prevent dirt and wax build-up that could cause infection
  • Vet developed


Shake well. Apply rinse daily liberally to ear, filling ear canal. Gently massage and work into area for 5 seconds. Allow pet to shake head so debris can leave ear.