Pet Piller Pet Pill Pusher by Jorvet

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Product Description


Pet Piller

by Jorvet

One of the most difficult steps in pet healthcare is administering pills. Many pets will turn tail and run when they even hear the pill bottle shake. Other pets will eat around the pill or spit the pill out on the floor. Administering pills can be one of the biggest headaches, but it doesn't have to be!

Enter the Pet Piller by Jorvet. With the Pet Piller, you will be able to draw water into the syringe to accompany the pill during administration. Water is drawn into the syringe and the pill is held securely by the plastic tip on the end of the Pet Piller. Lightweight with three finger rings, the Pet Piller is able to be held with one hand, making it perfect for those squirmy pill takers.

Administering pills has never been easier!

  • Flexible, soft rubber tip
  • "O" ring seal for holding water/liquid
  • Clear syringe for easy visibility
  • Three finger holes for easy grip and use