PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness - Apple Green/Gray

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Product Description

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness – the ultimate solution for dog owners seeking a harmonious and pull-free walking experience. Crafted with care by a veterinary behaviorist in 2004, this harness has become the trusted choice of a million dog parents and trainers each year.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of walking a pulling pup. Our patented Martingale loop design applies gradual, safe pressure to your dog's shoulders, effectively curbing pulling behaviors without compromising their comfort. Unlike traditional harnesses, the Easy Walk Harness rests across your dog's chest, preventing gagging and choking, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable stroll for both you and your furry friend.

Take control of your walks with the front chest leash attachment, allowing you to guide and steer your dog effortlessly. The quick-snap shoulder and belly straps make fitting a breeze, saving you time and ensuring a secure, comfortable fit for your canine companion.

We prioritize your dog's well-being with a breathable design that keeps them cool, featuring less coverage than many other harnesses. Plus, the distinct color of the belly strap makes it easy to put on, simplifying your pre-walk routine.

Experience the joy of stress-free walks with the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness – where innovation meets comfort for both you and your beloved canine companion.

Color Combinations:

Royal Blue/Navy
Deep Purple/Black
Apple Green/Gray

Sizing Chart

Please be sure to measure your dog correctly and precisely to ensure that you order the correct size. The girth is the widest part of your dog's body. DO NOT BASE SELECTION ON WEIGHT ONLY. We have had many customers in the past base their selection solely off of weight, only to receive the item and realize they had purchased the incorrect size.

If you need help deciding which size to purchase, give us a call at (800)313-5737 and our Customer Care staff would be happy to help!

Harness Size

Chest Width Girth Measurement Approximate Weight


7"-8" 12"-17" Under 10 lbs.


8"-9" 13"-18" 10-15 lbs.


9"-12" 15"-21" 15-25 lbs.


11"-13" 19"-26" 20-30 lbs.


12"-15" 22"-32" 25-50 lbs.


14"-18" 24"-34" 40-65 lbs.


16"-21" 27"-40" 65-95 lbs.

Extra Large

17"-24" 32"-49" 90+ lbs.