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Air Force Cagemaster Plus Pet Dryer

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Air Force Cagemaster Plus Pet Dryer

by Metropolitan Vacuum

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The Air Force CageMaster® Plus is the safest way to cage dry your dogs.

The powerful 4.0 peak horsepower motor generates a high volume of warm air.

Even more importantly, the six-foot drying hose is extra-large in diameter, a full 2 1/2" so it can carry a gale-force air into cages.

BONUS: CageMaster® Plus also easily converts into a forced-air dryer, for all your drying needs. The powerful 4.0 HP motor and 1-1⁄4" diameter hose deliver a high-velocity air stream that blows water quickly off the thickest and wettest coats.

Because there is no heating element, CageMaster® Plus won't overheat or dehydrate your dog. There's no hot air to injure a dog's scalp or coat

Constructed of durable steel, so it can take all the punishment you can dish out. Just hook it onto the cage and it does all the work.

Cut grooming time by as much as two-thirds.

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