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Air Force Top Gun Variable Speed Standing Pet Dryer

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Air Force Top Gun Variable Speed Standing Pet Dryer

by Metropolitan Vacuum

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Take pet grooming to the next level with the Air Force® Top Gun® Variable Speed Pet Dryer.

This high-performance pet dryer is designed to provide you with faster, more efficient pet drying. Reduce your pet-drying time and get back to business fast.

Variable speed and heat controls give you full command over the level of blowing power and heat used. It allows you to set the strength of the dryer through several different controls.

The multi-use Top Gun® Variable Speed Pet Dryer features an advanced build that ensures it is reliable and sturdy, at an affordable price.

Includes a stand to help groomers dry even the largest pets.

With this versatile pet dryer, you can create a customized grooming experience tailored to each pet’s individual needs.

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