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Air Force Commander 2-Speed Pet Dryer

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Air Force Commander 2-Speed Pet Dryer

by Metropolitan Vacuum

This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 8-9 weeks for processing.

Whether grooming is your career or a way to bond with your pet, now you can style in style with the MetroVac® Air Force® Commander®.

  • Introducing the new MetroVac® Air Force® Commander® colors.
  • The same all steel, American made pet dryer our customers have relied on for 30 years has bold new looks.
  • Choose from pink, purple, green, blue, or the original orange color.
  • 2-Speed control allows you to groom large or small breeds.
  • Ideal for grooming professionals or pet owners.
  • Perfect for long hair or short hair and powerful enough for drying heavy-coated breeds.
  • No other compact pet dryer combines all these features: airflow control, air concentrator, air flare tool, a groomer rake, easy change filter, and more.
  • A floor or table dryer. So powerful yet lightweight and portable.
  • Dual mounted legs allow the Commander® to be used vertically or horizontally.
  • Air Force® Commanders® cut drying time by two thirds and will dry dog hair without drying their coats.

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