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Cat Lax Hairball Prevention for Cats 2 Ounce

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Product Description


Cat Lax

by Dechra Veterinary Labs

Hairballs are never fun. Why clean up a mess when you can fix the problem before it starts? With Dechra's Cat Lax, hairballs will be a thing of the past! 

What do our customers say:

Highly recommended!! Really do help to reduce the hairball and the first ingredient is Cod liver oil which the cat loves it! I never have to force her to eat it, great product!

Directions for Use

Most cats will readily accept Cat Lax. For the finicky cat, put a small amount on their paw - he will lick his paw and become accustomed to the pleasant taste.

For hairball: For average weight cats, give 1 inch daily.
For Prevention: Give 2-3 times per week.


Cod Liver Oil, Caramel, Lecithin, Malt Syrup, White Petrolatum, 0.1% Sodium Benzoate (preservative), 0.036 I.U./g Vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl Acetate)(antioxidant), Purified Water.


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