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DiaGel Anti-Diarrhea and Digestive Support - 1ml For Cats Over 6lbs

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Product Description


DiaGel - 1ml For Cats Over 6lbs

by Van Beek Natural Science

Does your cat have diarrhea?
Nothing works better than DiaGel to aid in digestion and diarrhea in cats!

DiaGel is a diarrhea aid that utilizes the strengths of all natural ingredients without the harmful effects of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Diarrhea is a very serious condition. It could lead to one or more of the following:

  • Dehydration
  • Weight Loss
  • Blood Sugar Depletion
  • Circulatory Collapse
  • Could even lead to death

DiaGel solidifies stool and promotes GI tract health. It helps maintain hydration and keeps your cat healthy from all the above effects of diarrhea.

For use in cats only

DiaGel is an orally administered product which aids in controlling bacterial diarrhea. The active compound, Axaphen, has been proven to eliminate E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, and Campylobacter in in-vitro studies.

Axaphen®  Eliminates bacteria on contact May firm stools in 24 hours
Microencapsulation Ensures palatability Easy to administer
Pectins & Psyllium Husks  Soothe the GI tract, slow down the digestive flow, flush toxins Aid in healing and soothing the gut
Tannins Stop fluid loss by constricting dilated cells Cat stays hydrated
Antioxidants Bind to and neutralize free radicals Prevent further damage to gut lining


Van Beek Natural Science's active compound, Axaphen, is microencapsulated using the latest technology. The encapsulation seals the strong taste of Axaphen into a palatable bead that dissolves after passing the dog's or cat's taste buds. Microencapsulation ensures DiaGel is a palatable and easy to administer formula.

Other Product Features

  • One-time administration may firm stools in 24 hours
  • Rapid mode of action
  • 4-year product shelf life
  • May be administrated to cats of all ages
  • May be used in conjunction with antibiotic treatments
  • May be used for pre-stress

Product Benefits:

  • Eliminates bacteria on contact
  • Flushes toxins
  • Maintains hydration
  • Promotes GI health

Causes of Bacterial Diarrhea may include: 

  • Diet and/or water changes
  • Indiscretions in diet
  • Environment changes
  • Stress

When DiaGel Should Be Administered 

  • Indiscretions or Changes in Diet:

    DiaGel is the number one solution for diarrhea caused by garbage gut and changes in diet and/or water.

  • Stress or Environment Changes:

    Give DiaGel 2 hours before boarding, breeding, traveling, showing, or any other activity that may cause stress to help reduce the incidence of diarrhea.

  • Viral Infections:

    DiaGel may be used as a secondary aid on animals with viral infections (parvo) to help eliminate the overgrowth of bacteria naturally occurring in the GI tract. If vomiting is present, use an anti-vomiting agent.

  • Secondary Infections:

    Use DiaGel as a secondary aid in conjunction with primary treatments such as endotoxin therapy, dewormers and/or antibiotics.

Directions for Using DiaGel 

Remove the syringe tip cap. To administer, place the syringe between the side teeth of the animal, aiming as far down on the back of the tongue as possible. Gently push the plunger to release the gel. Discard any unused portion of the gel and syringe after use.

  • Primary Use:

    Administer one syringe for bacterial diarrhea in the GI tract. Most animals respond within 12 hours with the majority of animals responding in 24 hours or less. A second syringe may be given if necessary.

  • Secondary Use:

    Administer one syringe every 6-8 hours as needed for up to 5 days. This may be done in conjunction with other treatments both parenteral and oral.

  • Pre-Stress Use:

    Administer one syringe 2 hours prior to a stress-induced event. Repeat as necessary.

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