KetoHex Spray for Dogs, Cats, & Horses 8 oz. - Antifungal & Antimicrobial Treatment

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Product Description

KetoHex Spray for Dogs, Cats & Horses

by VetOne

Introducing KetoHex Spray, your trusted solution for combating fungal and bacterial infections in your beloved pets. Specifically formulated for dogs, cats, and horses, this powerful antifungal and antimicrobial spray comes in a convenient 8 oz. bottle for easy application.

Crafted with the utmost care, KetoHex Spray features a unique blend of active ingredients including ketoconazole and chlorhexidine, renowned for their effectiveness in treating a variety of skin conditions. Whether it's ringworm, yeast infections, hot spots, or other dermatological issues, KetoHex Spray provides rapid relief and promotes healing.

Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation for your furry companions with KetoHex Spray. Simply apply the spray directly to the affected area, and let its soothing formula work its magic. Trusted by veterinarians and pet owners alike, KetoHex Spray is your go-to solution for maintaining your pet's skin health and well-being.

Key Features:

  • Powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Convenient 8 oz. spray bottle for easy application
  • Fast-acting relief for various skin conditions
  • Trusted by veterinarians and pet owners

Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with KetoHex Spray – the ultimate solution for fungal and bacterial infections. Order now and experience the difference!