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Neater Scooper Litter Box Scooper by Neater Pets

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Neater Scooper

by Neater Pets

Neater Scooper has an attached waste bin and clever trap door design, that makes cleaning the litter box a whole lot easier. Scooping & bagging is combined into a quick, easy, one hand operation. No more spilled Litter! Eliminates touching soiled bags, making it more sanitary. Includes your choice of either 15, 60, or 195 scented bags with tie handles to seal in odor. Designed for quick sifting with less dust. Just squeeze bin to detach scoop. Scoop can be placed upside down in bin for storage.

Made in the USA

NOTE: Neater Scooper is designed to work with clumping cat litter. It is not compatible with pellet litter and other forms of non-clumping litter.

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