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NurtureCalm 24/7 Pheromone Feline Collar

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NurtureCalm Feline Pheromone Collar

by Meridian Animal Health

NurtureCALM 24/7 Pheromone Collar mimics the pheromone that the mother cat produces to calm and reassure her kittens. Cats recognize these pheromones throughout life. Pheromone behavior collars mimic the natural way to help cats cope with new and fearful situations.

Directions:  Place collar around pet's neck, adjust to fit the cat's neck comfortably. The collar must be worn loosely to allow for growth of the pet and to permit the collar to move about the neck. Generally, a properly fitted collar is one that when fastened, will snugly slide over pet's head. Leave 2 or 3 inches for extra adjustment. Cut off the excess portion of the collar. The collar is designed to release powder when applied, which will activate the pheromones. When the fresh collar is stretch out it may show an excess of powder. This excess powder is primarily a carrier for the pheromones and is not harmful to the pet. Wash hands after placing the collar on pet. Seal collar in plastic bag when not in use to prolong effectiveness.

Composition:  Pheromones 0.02%, inert ingredients 99.98%

Caution: Remove the collar before shampooing your cat and replace it after the cat's coat is dry. Do not use the collar on cats with extensive skin lesions. NurtureCALM 24/7 Pheromone Collar is not a pharmaceutical product.

Store at room temperature.

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  • 5
    Awesome product!

    Posted by Linda Reed on Oct 24th 2023

    My veterinarian says these pheromone collars work for some cats, but not all. Thank goodness they work for mine! Introducing a new cat into a crowded household is always tricky, and my granddaughter's cat has not got along with my household of 8. Till your collar came along. His flaring temper is greatly subdued now. Thank you for quick shipping as well. I'm sure I will buy again when this one is depleted.

  • 5
    Turned Barbie into a real doll!

    Posted by Anne Sims on Jun 1st 2023

    Our Barbie-Cat has a personality that's hard to beat. Loves to be held (when she wants) but don't move or put her down when she's not ready. The other kitty babies (Ken and Mazie) stay away from her because she will pick a fight just because she can. We've tried everything. Vet even prescribed something. Have you ever tried to give a cat with a personality issue a pill? Tried the product that is an essential oil type that plugs in. Couldn't tell any difference. Thought the NurtureCalm 24/7 Pheromone Feline Collar was worth a try. My goodness! It has turned our diva into a much more calm kitty. It says it lasts up to 30 days, but after 3 weeks it definitely loses its potency. I tough it out as long as possible to try to make it last the full 30 days, but don't count on it working that long. Nonetheless, we've used two so far and have the third one ready to swap out when it's time. Will definitely order more!

  • 5
    Works Great!

    Posted by Elizabeth M. on Jan 17th 2023

    I have a chicken cat.....he is afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms and the range hood over the stove. This collar calms him down! The only bad part is it's only effective for about 3 weeks......

  • 5
    Excellent All Around!

    Posted by Ronda Cramer on Oct 27th 2022

    Super-prompt shipping/delivery, excellent product - will definitely order from Countryside Pet Supply again! Thank you!

  • 5
    NurtureCalm 24/7 Pheromone Feline...

    Posted by William Lucas on Sep 30th 2022

    NurtureCalm 24/7 Pheromone Feline Collar

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