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Nutri-Drench Premium Liquid Supplement for Newborns and Stressed Bovines

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Product Description

Nutri-Drench Premium Liquid Supplement for Newborns and Stressed Bovines

For Newborns and Bovines Under Stress

This premium liquid supplement is designed for newborns and bovines experiencing stress. It provides essential vitamins A, D, and E, along with vital minerals, amino acids, and glucose to offer immediate energy support.

Features and Benefits

  • Energizes Weak Newborns: Provides a quick energy boost to help revive weak newborns.
  • Stimulates Appetite: Encourages eating to promote health and growth.
  • Corrects Diarrhea: Helps manage and correct digestive issues.
  • Maximizes Antibiotic/Vaccine Response: Enhances the effectiveness of treatments and vaccinations.
  • Balances Immune System: Supports a robust and balanced immune response.
  • Quick Energy for Show: Offers rapid energy for performance and show preparation.

Detailed Uses

  • Weak Newborns: To survive, newborns must quickly gain the strength to stand and nurse. This supplement energizes weak newborns and promotes aggressive nursing without interfering with colostrum absorption, as it is absorbed into the bloodstream before reaching the intestines. Administer to all newborns for a strong start.
  • Diarrhea: When the intestinal tract is inflamed, nutrient absorption through digestion is limited, leading to low energy levels. This supplement bypasses digestion and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream with 99% utilization, providing immediate energy support.
  • Disease: During illness, decreased appetite and increased temperature can elevate normal energy needs by 40%-50%, leading to ketosis. This supplement quickly meets these increased demands, restoring normal nutrient balance.
  • Antibiotics/Vaccines: Low blood glucose levels can result in a poor response to antibiotics or vaccines. This supplement elevates blood glucose within minutes. Administer approximately 15-20 minutes before antibiotic or vaccine administration for optimal results.
  • Heat Stress – Shipping Stress: Environmental changes cause stress, increasing nutrient needs. This supplement quickly delivers replacement nutrition to restore normal balance, mitigating the effects of heat and shipping stress.

Directions for Use

Newborns: 4mL at birth
Adults: 30mL per 100lb. of body weight

1 pump provides 2mL