PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray

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PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray

SprayShield interrupts a dog’s behavior and distracts the animal because of its strong spray stream and unique odor. It does not cause pain or injury and would not affect human behavior. The spray solution has been found to be extremely safe and poses no danger to animals or humans. The active ingredient is a natural essential oil that has been used in human, animal, and environmental applications for thousands of years. Although it can cause discomfort in certain individuals with allergies to citronella, it is considered safe for the vast majority of people and animals.

Can the spray harm the dog’s eyes?

This would be highly unlikely. The citronella solution is buffered to minimize any discomfort should it get into the eyes. However, as with any aerosol product, the spray should not be aimed directly into the eyes.

Is SprayShield as effective as pepper spray at stopping attacking dogs?

Yes. When sampled at the Canine Aggression Research Center, it was found to be as effective on moderately aggressive dogs as other personal defense products including 10% pepper spray solution.

Why use SprayShield?

SprayShield will effectively deter low to moderately agitated dogs without increasing aggression. Other personal defense products such as pepper spray and mace have been proven to increase aggressive behavior in dogs. A second notable advantage over other spray deterrent products is the absence of harmful blow-back that can incapacitate the user and make the user even more vulnerable.

SprayShield has often been used as a training aid, as well. It can be used to interrupt any unwanted behavior from the pet. The pet's attention can then be redirected.

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