Repair Patches for Plush Pet Toys

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Repair Patches for Plush Pet Toys

by Snugarooz

Don't let a hole or tear trash your pet's favorite toy. Patches can mend practically any surface like magic! These clear, flexible strips are made from a super-stretchy elastic material which resists biting and chewing. And since they're backed by a strong, pet-safe adhesive, they cling instantly.

Just cut, peel and stick!

  • Contains 8 patches
  • Safe & Non- Toxic for pets if licked or chewed.
  • Transparent - Works with all patterns or color
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces.
  • Cuts easily with scissors to any size
  • Moisture, Saltwater, Abrasion and UV Resistant
  • Won't turn gummy in high heat.

UPC: 632726319908

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